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Tropo Voice Dialtone (Ruby/Sinatra Version)

This is a Ruby/Sinatra-powered Phono ( / Tropo ( application. Click the Phono button and say or enter a 10 digit number that you would like to dial and we will do the rest.

How does it work?

Phono is a jQuery based VoIP SIP phone that runs in the browser. When the red button is clicked, it places a SIP call into a Tropo application using the WebAPI. The Tropo application is written in Ruby and uses the Tropo-WebAPI-Ruby and Sinatra gems. The Tropo app first asks the caller to say or enter a phone number. The phone number is posted back to the Tropo app (/answer) where a transfer response is returned to the Tropo cloud.

Running on localhost

gem install sinatra gem install tropo-webapi-ruby

ruby dialtone.rb

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