A dataset downloaded from the deep and scientific web across three major Polar data centers for use in research.
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TREC Dynamic Domain Polar Dataset

Purpose of data:

Climate change is amplified in the Polar Regions. Polar amplification is captured via space and airborne remote sensing, in-situ measurement, and climate modeling. Beyond the rich literature that documents changing Polar regions, each method of Polar-data collection produces a diverse set of data types, ranging from text-based metadata to more complex data structures (e.g. HDF, NetCDF, GRIB). Because finding these data is often a primary challenge in scientific discovery, inclusion of the Polar dataset in TREC-DD would help advance science through data discovery and provide TREC-DD a new challenge in in the realm of search relevancy.

Dataset Description:

This dataset is a collection of web crawls from three primary sources:

  1. Dr. Chris Mattmann's crawl of ADE, performed at the Open Science Codefest and at the NSF DataViz Hackathon for Polar CyberInfrastructure
  2. Dr. Mattmann's student Angela Wang, contributed 3 datasets: 2 crawls of ACADIS and one of NASA AMD.
  3. Dr. Mattmann's CSCI 572 Course at USC, students submitted 13 individual crawls of NASA ACADIS, NSIDC ADE, and AMD.

Each web crawl used Apache Nutch as the core framework for web crawling and Apache Tika as the main content detection and extraction framework. Nutch is a distributed search engine that runs on top of Apache Hadoop. Apache Tika is an open source framework for metadata exploration, automatic text mining, and information retrieval.

Web crawls were focused on three polar data repositories: the National Science Foundation Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data and Information System (ACADIS), the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) Arctic Data Explorer (ADE), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Antarctic Master Directory (AMD).

The finished Polar dataset is composed of 17 distinct web crawls, containing 1,741,530 records (158 GB) across the three Polar science data repositories, which themselves are largely uncoordinated.

Processing Crawled Data:

Duplicate Records

Exact duplicate records were removed using signature based methods. Algorithms and accompanying code were developed to remove near duplicates, using jaccard similarity, by graduate students in USC CS572. However, not all teams that submitted web crawls to this dataset applied their jaccard-similarity algorithms.

Data Format:

Crawled data were put into Common Crawl Format, acording to Memex format, using the CommonCrawlDataDumper. The CommonCrawlDataDumper is an Apache Nutch tool that can dump Nutch segments into Common Crawl data format, mapping each crawled-by-Nutch file on a JSON-based data structure. CommonCrawlDataDumper dumps out the files and serialize them with CBOR encoding, a data representation format used in many contexts.

Each contributed web crawl has an accompanying JSON file that lists the total records, by mimeType. A program, aggregate.py, aggregates all of the JSON files. Total records at time of generation are provided below:

Total: 1,741,530 records
    "application/atom+xml": "2984",
    "application/dita+xml; format=concept": "345",
    "application/epub+zip": "36",
    "application/fits": "24",
    "application/gzip": "2060",
    "application/java-vm": "1",
    "application/msword": "244",
    "application/octet-stream": "211687",
    "application/ogg": "26",
    "application/pdf": "44658",
    "application/postscript": "219",
    "application/rdf+xml": "1042",
    "application/rss+xml": "8894",
    "application/rtf": "53",
    "application/vnd.google-earth.kml+xml": "298",
    "application/vnd.ms-excel": "227",
    "application/vnd.ms-excel.sheet.4": "1",
    "application/vnd.ms-htmlhelp": "1",
    "application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation": "1",
    "application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text": "10",
    "application/vnd.rn-realmedia": "105",
    "application/vnd.sun.xml.writer": "1",
    "application/x-7z-compressed": "2",
    "application/x-bibtex-text-file": "13",
    "application/x-bittorrent": "3",
    "application/x-bzip": "6",
    "application/x-bzip2": "63",
    "application/x-compress": "44",
    "application/x-debian-package": "4",
    "application/x-elc": "324",
    "application/x-executable": "35",
    "application/x-font-ttf": "9",
    "application/x-gtar": "46",
    "application/x-hdf": "41",
    "application/x-java-jnilib": "5",
    "application/x-lha": "2",
    "application/x-matroska": "66",
    "application/x-msdownload": "72",
    "application/x-msdownload; format=pe": "1",
    "application/x-msdownload; format=pe32": "16",
    "application/x-msmetafile": "6",
    "application/x-rar-compressed": "1",
    "application/x-rpm": "3",
    "application/x-sh": "5680",
    "application/x-shockwave-flash": "141",
    "application/x-sqlite3": "1",
    "application/x-stuffit": "1",
    "application/x-tar": "37",
    "application/x-tex": "17",
    "application/x-tika-msoffice": "2809",
    "application/x-tika-ooxml": "1775",
    "application/x-xz": "11",
    "application/xhtml+xml": "385751",
    "application/xml": "21000",
    "application/xslt+xml": "7",
    "application/zip": "3762",
    "audio/basic": "54",
    "audio/mp4": "18",
    "audio/mpeg": "646",
    "audio/vorbis": "5",
    "audio/x-aiff": "10",
    "audio/x-flac": "2",
    "audio/x-mpegurl": "1",
    "audio/x-ms-wma": "55",
    "audio/x-wav": "59",
    "image/gif": "40049",
    "image/jpeg": "85879",
    "image/png": "37997",
    "image/svg+xml": "342",
    "image/tiff": "477",
    "image/vnd.adobe.photoshop": "4",
    "image/vnd.dwg": "3",
    "image/vnd.microsoft.icon": "1570",
    "image/x-bpg": "7",
    "image/x-ms-bmp": "59",
    "image/x-xcf": "1",
    "message/rfc822": "182",
    "message/x-emlx": "1",
    "text/html": "739588",
    "text/plain": "137335",
    "text/troff": "2",
    "text/x-diff": "1",
    "text/x-jsp": "3",
    "text/x-perl": "14",
    "text/x-php": "25",
    "text/x-python": "5",
    "text/x-vcard": "19",
    "video/mp4": "675",
    "video/mpeg": "255",
    "video/quicktime": "954",
    "video/x-flv": "13",
    "video/x-m4v": "203",
    "video/x-ms-asf": "26",
    "video/x-ms-wmv": "139",
    "video/x-msvideo": "96",
    "xscapplication/zip": "85"

Downloading the Dataset

The data is stored in Amazon's Simple Cloud Storage Service - S3 at the following URL(s):

s3://latest-commoncrawl/ - The NSF TREC DD Polar Dataset in Common Crawl/CBOR format
s3://mc-data-nsf/ - Raw Nutch Hadoop HDFS segment files from crawling. 
s3://polar-fulldump/ - A subset of the latest Common Crawl in CBOR format.

Please contact Chris Mattmann for access to the S3 keys necessary to download the data from Amazon.

The data is also now available from the NSF funded Arctic Data Center. You can find the data there available as a zip file along with its metadata. In addition, the Arctic Data Center hosts an aggregate dataset of the work from our NSF-funded Polar CyberInfrastructure effort. This includes the Data Driven Documents (D3) web visualizations that we created to explore the TREC-DD-Polar data. These visualizations are on display at polar.usc.edu.


If you use this dataset in your research, please cite our TREC 2015 paper:

  title={TREC Dynamic Domain: Polar Science.},
  author={Burgess, Annie Bryant and Mattmann, Chris and Totaro, Giuseppe and McGibbney, Lewis John and Ramirez, Paul M},

Also please consider citing the DOI at Arctic Data Center for our dataset.



USC CS572 Teams

  • team1
  • team14
  • team16
  • team18
  • team22
  • team24
  • team29
  • team34
  • team36
  • team41
  • team42
  • team43
  • team6

The team list was generated using the following command: ls | cut -d"-" -f2 | grep -v "json" | grep -v "py" | grep -v ade | grep -v acadis | grep -v amd | uniq | sort

Individual Contributors

Lavina Advani, Mohammad Al-Mohsin, Chandrashekar Chimbili, Saurabh Gadia, Shashank Harinath, Chitra Arun Kumar, Chris Mattmann Lewis McGibbney, Indu Mohanan, Pradeep Muruganandam ,Subodh Sah, Mike Starch, Praneet Surana, Mahesh Goud Tandarpally, Giuseppe Totaro, Rishi Verma, Mengying Wang, Tianxiang Yu, Jiaheng Zhang

Funding Sources:

This work was partially supported by the National Science Foundation Polar Cyberinfrastructure program under NSF award numbers PLR-1348450 and PLR-144562. In addition the DARPA XDATA/Memex program funded a portion of the work. Effort supported in part by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, managed by the California Institute of Technology on behalf of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.