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Simple Chat Example

Built with the Phoenix Framework

To start your new Phoenix application you have to:

  1. Clone this repo, then cd to the new directory
  2. Install dependencies with mix deps.get
  3. (optional) Install npm dependencies to customize the ES6 js/Sass npm install
  4. Start Phoenix router with mix phx.server

Now you can visit localhost:4000 from your browser.

Live Demo

Example Code


import {Socket, LongPoller} from "phoenix"

class App {

  static init(){
    let socket = new Socket("/socket", {
      logger: ((kind, msg, data) => { console.log(`${kind}: ${msg}`, data) })

    socket.connect({user_id: "123"})
    var $status    = $("#status")
    var $messages  = $("#messages")
    var $input     = $("#message-input")
    var $username  = $("#username")

    socket.onOpen( ev => console.log("OPEN", ev) )
    socket.onError( ev => console.log("ERROR", ev) )
    socket.onClose( e => console.log("CLOSE", e))

    var chan ="rooms:lobby", {})
    chan.join().receive("ignore", () => console.log("auth error"))
               .receive("ok", () => console.log("join ok"))
               .after(10000, () => console.log("Connection interruption"))
    chan.onError(e => console.log("something went wrong", e))
    chan.onClose(e => console.log("channel closed", e))

    $"keypress").on("keypress", e => {
      if (e.keyCode == 13) {
        chan.push("new:msg", {user: $username.val(), body: $input.val()})

    chan.on("new:msg", msg => {
      scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight)

    chan.on("user:entered", msg => {
      var username = this.sanitize(msg.user || "anonymous")
      $messages.append(`<br/><i>[${username} entered]</i>`)

  static sanitize(html){ return $("<div/>").text(html).html() }

  static messageTemplate(msg){
    let username = this.sanitize(msg.user || "anonymous")
    let body     = this.sanitize(msg.body)

    return(`<p><a href='#'>[${username}]</a>&nbsp; ${body}</p>`)


$( () => App.init() )

export default App


# lib/chat/endpoint.ex
defmodule Chat.Endpoint do
  use Phoenix.Endpoint

  socket "/socket", Chat.UserSocket


# web/channels/user_socket.ex
defmodule Chat.UserSocket do
  use Phoenix.Socket

  channel "rooms:*", Chat.RoomChannel

  transport :websocket, Phoenix.Transports.WebSocket
  transport :longpoll, Phoenix.Transports.LongPoll


defmodule Chat.RoomChannel do
  use Phoenix.Channel
  require Logger

  def join("rooms:lobby", message, socket) do
    Process.flag(:trap_exit, true)
    :timer.send_interval(5000, :ping)
    send(self, {:after_join, message})

    {:ok, socket}

  def join("rooms:" <> _private_subtopic, _message, _socket) do
    {:error, %{reason: "unauthorized"}}

  def handle_info({:after_join, msg}, socket) do
    broadcast! socket, "user:entered", %{user: msg["user"]}
    push socket, "join", %{status: "connected"}
    {:noreply, socket}
  def handle_info(:ping, socket) do
    push socket, "new:msg", %{user: "SYSTEM", body: "ping"}
    {:noreply, socket}

  def terminate(reason, _socket) do
    Logger.debug"> leave #{inspect reason}"

  def handle_in("new:msg", msg, socket) do
    broadcast! socket, "new:msg", %{user: msg["user"], body: msg["body"]}
    {:reply, {:ok, %{msg: msg["body"]}}, assign(socket, :user, msg["user"])}