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defmodule DemoWeb.ImageLive do
use Phoenix.LiveView
alias DemoWeb.Router.Helpers, as: Routes
def radio_tag(assigns) do
assigns = Enum.into(assigns, %{})
<input type="radio" name="<%= @name %>" value="<%= @value %>"
<%= if @value == @checked, do: "checked" %> />
def render(assigns) do
<div style="margin-left: <%= @depth * 50 %>px;">
<form phx-change="update">
<input type="range" min="10" max="630" name="width" value="<%= @width %>" />
<%= @width %>px
White <%= radio_tag(name: :bg, value: "white", checked: @bg) %>
Black <%= radio_tag(name: :bg, value: "black", checked: @bg) %>
Blue <%= radio_tag(name: :bg, value: "blue", checked: @bg) %>
<img phx-click="boom" src="<%= Routes.static_path(DemoWeb.Endpoint, "/images/phoenix.png") %>" width="<%= @width %>" style="background: <%= @bg %>;" />
def mount(_session, socket) do
{:ok, assign(socket, width: 100, bg: "white", depth: 0, max_depth: 0)}
def handle_event("update", %{"width" => width, "bg" => bg}, socket) do
{:noreply, assign(socket, width: String.to_integer(width), bg: bg)}
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