A Max for Live Device to control my Virus B
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A Max for Live controller for older versions of the Access Virus. B inititally as that's what I have to develop / test with.

Most importantly, this is nowhere near ready for primetime yet. Development has just started so don't expect anything to work :)

Uses Leigh Hunt's lh_midiinout to get the midi from the virus before Live can strip out the SySex/Poly Aftertouch.

Original plan was to make the first version open in it's own window and show you every control. This was to make it easier for me to figure out what makes a preset tick etc. Sketching this out I realised there's really too much to show on one screen. So I'm of two minds at the moment. The current idea is to make something similar to the actual Ti Virus Control i.e. Popup and tabbed. I haven't completely ruled out making something very tabbed that will fit in the Live device window though.