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Grab a game

Build Status

Set up project to run locally

These instructions assume you have a working stack of Apache, PHP and MySQL.

  1. Clone the git repo to your local machine

    git clone

  2. Create a MySQL database and user for Grabagame

    a. You'll also need to create a grabagame_test database. Give all privileges to one user on both databases. This database is used to run the unit tests

  3. Copy src/app/config/parameters.ini.dist to parameters.ini

  4. Edit parameters.ini and fill in a. Database name, user and password b. Secret c. Base logging URL (this should point to src/app/logs)

  5. Install the vendors with:

    php bin/vendors install

  6. Once you've installed the vendors, you should be able to run

    php app/console

  7. To run the projects tests, you'll need

    a. PHPUnit -- Install via PEAR b. DBUnit (`pear install phpunit/dbUnit)

    phpunit -c app