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Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby

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== RSpec

RSpec is a Behaviour Driven Development framework with tools to express User Stories
with Executable Scenarios and Executable Examples at the code level.

RSpec ships with several modules:

Spec::Story provides a framework for expressing User Stories and Scenarios

Spec::Example provides a framework for expressing Isolated Examples

Spec::Matchers provides Expression Matchers for use with Spec::Expectations
and Spec::Mocks.

Spec::Expectations supports setting expectations on your objects so you
can do things like:

  result.should equal(expected_result)
Spec::Mocks supports creating Mock Objects, Stubs, and adding Mock/Stub
behaviour to your existing objects.

== Installation

The simplest approach is to install the gem (as root in some environments):

  gem install -r rspec

== Building the RSpec gem

If you prefer to build the gem locally:

  git clone git://
  cd rspec
  rake gem
  gem install pkg/rspec-0.x.x.gem #as root
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