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Commits on May 11, 2011
  1. Switch back to manually executing our two charset queries (yes, two b…

    chrismeller committed May 11, 2011
    …ack - SET NAMES sets the DB collation too). Using the init attribute seems to break the buffered queries attribute.
Commits on Apr 10, 2011
  1. Move the individual queries we use to set character set and encoding …

    chrismeller committed Apr 10, 2011
    …on the MySQL connection into the INIT_COMMAND value that's automatically run on connection.
  2. Move the MySQL-specific USE_BUFFERED_QUERY attribute back into the PD…

    chrismeller committed Apr 10, 2011
    …O connection, where it really does supposedly belong. Some options only work when handed to the constructor (not with setAttribute) later on, so restructure the class methods a little to allow us to pass everything we want into the constructor instead.
Commits on Apr 9, 2011
  1. Save instances (currently only based on the environment name, config …

    chrismeller committed Apr 9, 2011
    …should be taken into account too I guess) in the DB wrapper class so each model instance doesn't create its own connection to the server.
  2. Revamp the way we're storing prepared statements for future calls so …

    chrismeller committed Apr 9, 2011
    …that we take into account the attributes being used as well.
Commits on Mar 16, 2011
  1. Move the MYSQL_ATTR_USE_BUFFERED_QUERY PDO attribute into the MySQL c…

    chrismeller committed Mar 16, 2011
    …onnection's query method so that it gets called on the statement properly, as it does nothing when used on the connection. This should probably go elsewhere too, but one step at a time. For reference, this is to enable transactions, which apparently do not work without it, though the docs make no mention of it.
Commits on Nov 12, 2010
  1. You can't convert a PDO object to a string, so the exec() method woul…

    chrismeller committed Nov 12, 2010
    …d always throw an exception when trying to start Profiling (if it was enabled in the config). Change this, at least temporarily, to simply be the driver name of the PDO object instead.
  2. The default value for $environment was different in DB::instance() an…

    chrismeller committed Nov 12, 2010
    …d DB::factory(). The preferred method is to send null and let the class figure out the environment, so fix DB::instance() to do that.
Commits on Oct 27, 2010
  1. Add some PHPDoc blocks.

    chrismeller committed Oct 27, 2010
Commits on Oct 15, 2010
Commits on Oct 14, 2010
Commits on Sep 1, 2010
  1. Adding convenience methods to get a single column or a single value f…

    chrismeller committed Sep 1, 2010
    …rom a query. Also, methods to return the driver name and version being used.
Commits on Aug 28, 2010