Ansible role to install mongod.
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Build Status


Ansible role to install mongod


Installed MongoDB, in either standalone or resilient configurations.


To configure Mongo with a replication set you should have groups in your inventory called primary and secondary. Primary should contain just one host, secondary can contain as many hosts as you like, but at least two (as MongoDB replica sets are a minimum of three hosts). Then you need to set install_mongod_replset to a name for the replica set.

Role Variables

install_mongod_admin_username: ''
install_mongod_admin_password: ''
install_mongod_user_username: ''
install_mongod_user_password: ''
install_mongod_user_database: ''
install_mongod_bind_ip: ""
install_mongod_replset: ''
install_mongod_keyfile: ''          # for secure replication
install_mongod_dbpath: ''



Example Playbook

- hosts: servers
     - { role: install_mongod
        , install_mongod_admin_username: admin
        , install_mongod_admin_password: Chang3Me!
        , install_mongod_user_username: awx
        , install_mongod_user_password: Chang3Me2!
        , install_mongod_user_database: awx
        , install_mongod_bind_ip: ''
        , install_mongod_replset: tower
        , install_mongod_keyfile: '/etc/pki/mongo/keyfile'
        , tags: mongo }



Author Information

Chris Meyers - original Mark Phillips - HA