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Clean up handling of possible OpenIDs as usernames

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1 parent e3e7c94 commit 3156e11cfbad0bb2dffacde426264e12034c790c @chrismgray committed Dec 13, 2011
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  1. +15 −7 src/foreclojure/users.clj
22 src/foreclojure/users.clj
@@ -289,15 +289,23 @@
:iTotalDisplayRecords (str (count filtered-users))
:aaData page-users}))
+(defn get-user-possible-openid [username]
+ (let [decoded-username (URLDecoder/decode username)]
+ (cond (get-user username) ; registered users don't need decoding
+ username
+ (get-user {:openid decoded-username})
+ {:openid decoded-username}
+ :else
+ nil)))
(defroutes users-routes
(GET "/users" [] (top-users-page))
(GET "/users/all" [] (all-users-page))
(GET ["/user/:username" :username #"[-\w.+*%]+"] [username]
- (if (nil? (or (get-user username)
- (get-user {:openid (URLDecoder/decode username)})))
+ (if (nil? (get-user-possible-openid username))
{:status 404 :headers {"Content-Type" "text/plain"} :body "Error: This user does not exist, nice try though."}
- (user-profile (if (get-user username) username {:openid (URLDecoder/decode username)}))))
- (POST "/user/follow/:username" [username] (static-follow-user username true))
- (POST "/user/unfollow/:username" [username] (static-follow-user username false))
- (POST "/rest/user/follow/:username" [username] (rest-follow-user username true))
- (POST "/rest/user/unfollow/:username" [username] (rest-follow-user username false)))
+ (user-profile (get-user-possible-openid username))))
+ (POST ["/user/follow/:username" :username #"[-\w.+*%]+"] [username] (static-follow-user (get-user-possible-openid username) true))
+ (POST ["/user/unfollow/:username" :username #"[-\w.+*%]+"] [username] (static-follow-user (get-user-possible-openid username) false))
+ (POST ["/rest/user/follow/:username" :username #"[-\w.+*%]+"] [username] (rest-follow-user (get-user-possible-openid username) true))
+ (POST ["/rest/user/unfollow/:username" :username #"[-\w.+*%]+"] [username] (rest-follow-user (get-user-possible-openid username) false)))

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