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Started on scan and linkify functions

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1 parent 2882e6d commit 05470cfeda343f24ef1dc0edac78c618113f3ef0 @chrismgray committed Dec 5, 2011
Showing with 42 additions and 11 deletions.
  1. +42 −11 lisp/ikiwiki-org-plugin.el
53 lisp/ikiwiki-org-plugin.el
@@ -40,17 +40,28 @@
(append-to-file (point-min) (point-max) org-ikiwiki-output-file))))
(defun org-ikiwiki-hook (&rest params)
- (apply 'xml-rpc-method-call-stdout 'hook params))
+ (apply 'xml-rpc-method-call-stdout 'hook (butlast params))
+ (funcall (last params)))
-(defun org-ikiwiki-setstate (page id key value)
- (xml-rpc-method-call-stdout 'setstate page id key value))
+(defun org-ikiwiki-setstate (page id key value get-response-fn)
+ (xml-rpc-method-call-stdout 'setstate page id key value)
+ (funcall get-response-fn))
+(defun org-ikiwiki-getvar (hash-name hash-key get-response-fn)
+ (xml-rpc-method-call-stdout 'getvar hash-name hash-key)
+ (funcall get-response-fn))
+(defun org-ikiwiki-add-link (page text get-response-fn &optional link-type)
+ (if link-type
+ (xml-rpc-method-call-stdout 'add_link page text link-type)
+ (xml-rpc-method-call-stdout 'add_link page text))
+ (funcall get-response-fn))
(defun org-ikiwiki-import (get-response-fn params)
- (org-ikiwiki-hook "type" "htmlize" "id" "org" "call" "htmlize")
- (funcall get-response-fn)
-; (org-ikiwiki-hook "type" "linkify" "id" "org" "call" "linkify")
-; (org-ikiwiki-hook "type" "scan" "id" "org" "call" "scan")
- "1"
+ (org-ikiwiki-hook "type" "htmlize" "id" "org" "call" "htmlize" get-response-fn)
+ (org-ikiwiki-hook "type" "linkify" "id" "org" "call" "linkify" get-response-fn)
+ (org-ikiwiki-hook "type" "scan" "id" "org" "call" "scan" get-response-fn)
+ 1
(defun list->hash (l)
@@ -60,8 +71,28 @@
(setq l (cddr l)))
-(defun org-ikiwiki-htmlize (get-response-fn params)
- (let* ((content (gethash "content" params))
+(defun org-ikiwiki-linkify (get-response-fn prms)
+ (let* ((params (list->hash prms))
+ (content (gethash "content" params))
+ (page (gethash "page" params))
+ (destpage (gethash "destpage" params)))
+ content))
+(defun org-ikiwiki-scan (get-response-fn prms)
+ (let* ((params (list->hash prms))
+ (page (gethash "page" params))
+ (content (gethash "content" params))
+ (page-file-name (org-ikiwiki-getstate "pagesources" page get-response-fn)))
+ (when (string-match "\\.org$" page-file-name)
+ (let* ((org-info
+ (with-temp-buffer
+ (insert content)
+ (org-mode))))))
+ 1))
+(defun org-ikiwiki-htmlize (get-response-fn prms)
+ (let* ((params (list->hash prms))
+ (content (gethash "content" params))
(page (gethash "page" params))
(org-export-html-preamble nil)
(org-export-html-postamble nil)
@@ -152,7 +183,7 @@
(list node)))
(xml-find-nodes-matching (car xml-list) 'value)))
(method (cadr (assoc method-name methods)))
- (result (funcall method org-ikiwiki-rpc-xml-get-response (list->hash params)))
+ (result (funcall method org-ikiwiki-rpc-xml-get-response params))
(m-params (list `(param nil ,(car (xml-rpc-value-to-xml-list result)))))
(m-response `((methodResponse nil
,(append '(params nil) m-params)))))

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