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An external ikiwiki plugin to interpret org-mode files.
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Ikiwiki Org Plugin

This is intended to be a plugin for the ikiwiki wiki compiler that interprets org-mode files.

It is currently in a very alpha state, and the existing org-mode plugin for ikiwiki should probably be used instead.


Why a rewrite of the plugin?


The current org-mode plugin is very slow. It starts a new emacs process for every file that is interpreted. The emacs startup time dominates the time for interpreting the file for all but the largest files.


The current org-mode plugin doesn’t interpret common org-mode directives like #+TITLE or #+AUTHOR. These are not hard to parse out of the files with Perl, but the better solution is to allow org-mode itself to parse the files, and get the information from org-mode’s internal structures.


There are two main files: sh/new-org and lisp/ikiwiki-org-plugin.el. The first needs to go in the ~/.ikiwiki/plugins directory and the second needs to go somewhere in the emacs load-path.

The plugin must be enabled in your wiki.setup or blog.setup file. This is done by adding new-org to the add_plugins list.

Right now, the best chance of things working is if you start a new emacs instance and set the server-name to org-ikiwiki-compiler and then run M-x start-server. Setting the server-name in your primary emacs instance will cause it to hang every time that ikiwiki recompiles your wiki.


Copyright (C) 2011, Chris Gray.

Distributed under the GPL, version 2 or (at your discretion) higher.

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