Demo app from the OpenGL ES for iOS 5 talk by Chris Miles at Swipe Conference 2012.
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Sample app from the OpenGL ES for iOS 5 talk by Chris Miles at Swipe Conference 2012.

The app demonstrates how to implement simple OpenGL ES rendering concepts using GLKit, such as:

  • Setup OpenGL ES scene using GLKViewController + GLKView
  • Rendering triangles (GL_TRIANGLES) and meshes made of triangles
  • Applying vertex colours, using GLKBaseEffect
  • Applying lighting, using GLKBaseEffect
  • Applying texturing, using GLKBaseEffect and GLKTextureLoader
  • Using Vertex Array Objects (VAO) and Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO)
  • Using interleaved vertex arrays (IVA)
  • Animating vertex positions (tap screen to animate between flat triangles and 3D open box shape)

The sample app is universal and supports all orientations.


Watch the presentation videos at and

Find the presentation slides at


SwipeOpenGLTriangles Menu SwipeOpenGLTriangles GL_TRIANGLES Coloured SwipeOpenGLTriangles GL_TRIANGLES + Lighting SwipeOpenGLTriangles GL_TRIANGLES Textured


SwipeOpenGLTriangles is Copyright (c) 2012 Chris Miles and released open source with a MIT license.

The images included with the project are Copyright (c) 2012 Chris Miles and are available for distribution under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license

See LICENSE.txt for more details.