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Store images in gists.



Installation is a tiny shell script that encodes the given image in base64 and uploads it to gist using the gist(1) commands line utility.

$ brew install


To upload an image, run the following:

$ gist-img path/to/image.png

If everything worked correctly you'll get back a gist url, if you get a 500 error then the file you're uploading is too big.

To convert this gist url back into an image, just invoke the gist-img command with the gist id (the last bit of the url) that you want to get back.

$ gist-img 99a02182ca4467707b40

Known limitations

  • Can only handle files less than ~50k
  • Only handles png files


Licensed under the MIT license, see MIT-LICENSE for details.

Copyright (c) Chris Mytton