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Vagrant / Chef demo



To get an idea of the commands you can run, use the vagrant cli tool.

$ vagrant
  vagrant box                        # Commands to manage system boxes
  vagrant destroy                    # Destroy the environment, deleting the created virtual machines
  vagrant halt                       # Halt the running VMs in the environment
  vagrant help [TASK]                # Describe available tasks or one specific task
  vagrant init [box_name] [box_url]  # Initializes the current folder for Vagrant usage
  vagrant package                    # Package a Vagrant environment for distribution
  vagrant provision                  # Rerun the provisioning scripts on a running VM
  vagrant reload                     # Reload the environment, halting it then restarting it.
  vagrant resume                     # Resume a suspended Vagrant environment.
  vagrant ssh                        # SSH into the currently running Vagrant environment.
  vagrant ssh_config                 # outputs .ssh/config valid syntax for connecting to this environment via ssh
  vagrant status                     # Shows the status of the current Vagrant environment.
  vagrant suspend                    # Suspend a running Vagrant environment.
  vagrant up                         # Creates the Vagrant environment
  vagrant version                    # Prints the Vagrant version information

You might need to change the = "lucid32" to match the name of your box (use vagrant box list to see what boxes you have installed.

For more information see the vagrant documentation.

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