Vehicle Combat Sandbox for Arma 3
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Get Wrecked

Vehicle Combat Sandbox for Arma 3

Get Wrecked challenges players to create, customize, drive, survive and of course, destroy. Construct wheeled, armoured behemoths using a variety of building parts, then fight to the death in a race zone of choice. It's a creative vehicle combat sandbox for Arma 3. It's currently designed for small games of up to 16 players and is in an work-in-progress release state.

Quick start

Get Wrecked is not a true "mod" as all the code is contained within one mission file. If you just want to play, the easiest way is to just find a server that's currently hosting the mission and join it. There is a server list available on the website.

If you're looking to host a game yourself, it is strongly recommended to use a dedicated server to run Get Wrecked as aspects of the game mode can impact a client when they are also hosting. Simply download the mission.pbo and add it to your Arma3/MpMissions folder on your server. I highly recommend TADST as it is a quick and configurable way to run a server.


This isn't your typical infantry shooter and if you're coming from more mil-sim orientated game modes you're in for a surprise. A short guide is available on the website. Orangesherbet also has an excellent tutorial video that introduces the basics, shows some game-play and also offers some tips for survival.

Bugs & Issues

From time to time you will encounter problems, most of which are usually fixed by rejoining the server. Please report any bugs you can easily replicate to the github issues page. In the event you find a bug that persists after rejoining the server, you can use the !reset command in chat. Available commands are !reset money | unlocks | library | races | binds | all. Be aware this action is permanent and progress reset this way is not recoverable.


Created, coded and designed by Sli

This mod and its content (excluding those already attributed therein) are under a CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Permission must be sought from the Author for its commercial use, any modification or use of a non-public release obtained via the mission cache

Additional scripts (added post MANW):

Nuclear Explosion by Moerderhoschi

Chat command interceptor by Conroy