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Planckoscope v0.1.1

currently available at

Written by Chris North for the Planck Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2013 as an educational resource.

This application requires Chromoscope v1.4.3. The relevant parts of the Chromoscope source code (1.4.3 subdirectory) are included here for convenience, but have not been altered. It will run locally or on a web server. To run locally you will need to download this code, and either link to the online tilesets or download them from

For more information on Chromoscope, see and

The IDL code used to plot the images is in IDL_code directory. See the contents of for details.

Functions in v0.1.1

  • Behaves more sensibly in "compact mode" (useful for embedding)
  • Version number displayed

Functions in v0.1.0 (beyond Chromoscope):

  • Adds a second label layer for 'Planck labels'
  • Allow the overlay of more than one layer
  • Add a hidable options box to the left side
  • Adds ability to change opacity of overlays
  • Displays info/help for overlay layers
  • Uses reregisterkey plugin to allow behaviour of keys to be changed
  • Regegisters '.' key to hide new displays

Future modifications planned:

  • More overlays?
  • Support for adding KML tags
  • Better language support (currently only native-Chromoscope text is translated)


Planck-related add-ons to Chromoscope






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