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War Machine
by Chris Novello (@paperkettle)

War Machine is a videogame module in the system (it is controlled entirely using OSC). Missiles rain from War Machine's the sky and you can destroy them with explosions generated by a crosshair.

Tips: Control the X&Y coordinates of the crosshairs with 2 knobs for a very strange etch-a-sketch. Sample colors from other programs and use them for War Machine's explosions for an abstract paint plotter. Use the the X/Y coordinates of exploded missiles to control paramaters in other programs.

For more info visit's software page

You'll need the oscP5 library.

Custom Max Externals are also included in this release. If you're a Max user, this makes using Stand Stijl extremely easy.

This is rough&quick code that I wrote a few years back when I was learning to program. I figure others might like to tinker with it, just be warned that my design is from when I was starting and is kind of clumsy.


illucia's missile-destroying etch-a-sketch



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