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* Bug fixes
* Added -d (--daemon) switch
* Added helper methods for setting/adding request headers
* Nested requests have cookies/referer automatically set


* Added new DOM element getters - innerHTML, rawtext and striptags
* Added the ability to specify a custom $ context - $(select, [context])
* Added odd() and even() traversal methods
* Added has() (see:
* Added job.parseValues() and job.writeValues() to simplify reading & writing separated values (e.g. CSV / TSV)
* Major refactoring
* Improved commenting and internal documentation
* Speed improvements
* Added Makefile (test / test-cov)


* Fixed incorrect handling of large streams
* Better support for request timeouts
* Bug fixes    


* Added a -g (--debug) switch
* Minor bug fixes
* Added HTTP code handler - auto support for redirects, etc.    


* Fixed an inheritance bug when not exclusively using CoffeeScript
* Added an -e (--eval) switch
* Updated .coffee compilation so it's compatible with command line switches
* Added a `proxy` option (see API)
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