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usage = '''
Make a HEAD request to each URL of input and return the status code
1. To return the status code (url,status)
$ cat urls.txt | -s statuscode
2. To find domains that 404
$ cat urls.txt | -s statuscode 404
3. To find domains that redirect
$ cat urls.txt | -s statuscode 3
nodeio = require ''
class StatusCode extends nodeio.JobClass
init: ->
if @options.args.length and @options.args[0] is 'help'
@status usage
run: (url) ->
@head url, (err, data, headers, res) =>
status = if res? then res.statusCode else '-1'
if err
if err.length is 3 then status = err
if err is 'redirects' then status = 302
if @options.args.length and @options.args[0].length is 3
if @options.args[0] is ''+status then @emit url else @skip()
else if @options.args.length and @options.args[0].length is 1
if @options.args[0] is (''+status)[0] then @emit url else @skip()
@emit url + ',' + status
@class = StatusCode
@job = new StatusCode {timeout: 10, redirects: 0}
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