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# [](
-A distributed data scraping and processing engine for [Node.JS](
+A distributed data scraping and processing engine for [Node.js](
To install, use [npm](
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- Create modular and extensible jobs for scraping and processing data
- Seamlessly distribute work among child processes and other servers (soon)
-- Written in Node.JS = FAST
-- Handles a variety of input / output situations
+- Written in Node.js == FAST
+- Handles a variety of input / output
* Reading / writing lines to and from files
* Reading all files in a directory (and recursing if specified)
* To / from a database
- * Piping between jobs
+ * Piping between other jobs
* Custom IO / any combination of the above
- Includes a robust framework for scraping and selecting web data
- Support for a variety of proxies when making requests
- Includes a data validation and sanitization framework
- Provides support for retries, timeouts, dynamically adding input, etc.
-- Create a MapReduce cluster
-## Examples
+## Documentation
-See ./examples
+Initial documentation is [available here](
-## Documentation
+Better documentation will be available once I have time to write it. See []( for updates.
+## Examples
-Coming soon. See []( for updates
+See [./examples](
## Roadmap
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