Resources related to SharePoint Site Designs, including a sample Site Script, basic PnP template, and C# Azure Function to integrate between the Site Design and PnP.
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COB resources for SharePoint Site Designs

Please see accompanying blog post -

This project includes:

  • A sample Site Script/Site Design, including the PowerShell to register them
  • Integration with PnP templating using the suggested approach of:
    • Site Design > Flow > Azure queue > Azure Function to apply template
  • A C# Azure Function project
  • A simplified PnP template (stored within the C# project, since it needs to be deployed to the Azure Function)

The Flow which links the Site Design and PnP side of things is not included, since it's simpler for you to create this yourself. It only has a couple of actions:

Add HTTP request trigger to Flow

Key action in the Flow - put message on queue

The setup process

Please see the accompanying blog post -

The result

Once everything is deployed, you should have a situation where sites can be created from your site design, with the site design and PnP template being applied.

User creating site with Site Design - step 1

User creating site with Site Design - step 2

User creating site with Site Design - step 3

User creating site with Site Design

Site Design being applied

Finally, the created site is ready, with both the Site Design and PnP template being applied (with an eye-watering modern theme in this case!) All document libraries, content types, navigation links, and any other items being provisioned will be there:

Resulting site