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Chris Olsen

780-887-2008 | olsen.chris@gmail.com | https://github.com/chrisolsen

  • Over 10 years of web development experience
  • Two years of single page web app experience with various js libraries
  • Over a year of Android experience
  • Five years of developing web applications with RubyOnRails

Technical Skills

  • Tools: Android, Vue.js, Ember, Angular, React, RubyOnRails
  • Languages: Go, Java, Node.js, Ruby, Javascript
  • Databases: Realm, RethinkDB, MySql, Sqlite3, MongoDB
  • OS: Linux, OSX, Windows


Showbie: Front End Developer 2014-2016

  • Develop Ember.js based web app, replicating the existing iOS app on the web
  • Create Ember.js app to allow for school districts to manage teacher licenses
  • Maintain Ember.js internal app to manage sales.

MitreMedia: Architect 2012-2013

  • Server and deployment setup for existing apps
  • Design and development of internal article publishing application

Drivewyze: 2011-2012

Developed and architected mobile app for Android/iOS/Blackberry to allow drivers to receive possible bypass notifications from weigh stations if they or their company has a good record for being within the truck weight limits. The application also allowed drivers to automate road toll fee payments for participating toll booths.

Position: Product Architect (Feb 2012 - August 2012)
  • Responsible for creating and documenting logic for mobile devices and server API
  • Liaison between client and developers
Position: Software Developer (June 2011 - Feb 2012)
  • Primary Android developer
  • Java, Android, Sqlite3
  • UI design for all mobile platforms

Bitshift Ops: Developer 2008 - Present (Personally owned company)


Rewrite of the original app.


Allows members to create and participate in exercise programs, as well as share their progress with family and friends. Development for this application is currently underway. Right now there is an Android application on the Android store, for users on the alpha list, and a web admin app that allows for program creation.

  • Android, Vue.js, Go, Appengine/Datastore


Web library that allows for quick web application development using Appengine.


Web app to allow gyms to create workouts, members to post results and communicate with other members. This app is no longer available.

  • Angular.js, Node.js, MongoDB, Nginx, Ubuntu


Allows for people to log their workouts, track their improvements and share their results with friends. This app is no longer available.

  • RubyOnRails, jQuery, MySql, Nginx, Ubuntu


Web application to allow leagues to create their game schedules and manage the league throughout the season.

  • RubyOnRails, jQuery, MySql, Nginx, ArchLinux


Android application entered into the Apps4Edmonton contest that provided users with quick access to city information. This app is no longer available.

  • Android, Sinatra, Sqlite3, Nginx, ArchLinux


Web application that allows for the easy creation of custom websites for realtors. This app was live for almost 8 years, but is no longer available.

  • RubyOnRails, jQuery, MySql, Nginx, ArchLinux

Minigroup: Developer 2010-2011

  • Remote contract
  • Worked primarily on the back-end server logic along with some front-end jQuery.
  • Created search module to allow users to find notes, links and/or assets.
  • RubyOnRails, jQuery, Mysql, ActiveRecord, Test::Unit

Zedi: Web Developer 2008-2010

  • Worked on a joint project with Schlumberger to customize existing application to allow for a smooth transition from their previous well site monitoring tools.
  • Successfully completed a scalability project to allow the site to handle the increased user load.
  • Completed the SCADA drag n’ drop interface to allow users to monitor various on site sensors.
  • jQuery, ASP.NET, NHibernate, Oracle

Alberta Education: System Analyst II 2005-2007

  • Created web app for Special Requests that allowed students to apply online.
  • Allowed the Special Request staff to process student requests online.

Alberta Education: Summer Student (4 months)

  • Developed in-house application to allow flagged exams with scan errors to be corrected online instead of manually.
  • Application increased the speed of the process greater than 10 times.
  • VB.NET Win32, MSSQL


Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

  • Computer System Technology Diploma
  • Graduated with an average above 90%
  • Received the Jason Lang Scholarship

University of Alberta

  • BSc w/ specialization in chemistry
  • Worked for 2 years in chemistry lab at fertilizer plant (Agrium)
  • One year internship at National Centre for Upgrading Technology (NCUT)