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  • (780) 887-2008


Over four years developing web applications using the .NET frameworks with MSSQL databases, and four years of experience developing web applications on *nix platforms with RubyOnRails.

Own and operate Greenstem, which is the company I am currently working on freelance projects through.


Web Development

Create elegant web applications using various frameworks ensuring full functionality is provided to end users without the cost of over complexity.

Interface Design

Design clean interfaces that adhere to web standards and please the end user by their ease of use.

Mobile Development

Develop lightweight apps for mobile devices.


  • RubyOnRails / ASP.NET

  • Android

  • jQuery

  • MSSQL / Oracle / MySQL

  • Ruby / C# / VB.NET

  • Git / Subversion

  • OS X

  • Linux (Ubuntu, ArchLinux)

  • Windows XP



Web Developer 2007-Present

Designed and developed the following projects:

  • 100Wallballs - Allows for people to log their workouts, track their improvements and share their results with friends.

  • LeagueSmart - Web application to allow leagues to create their game schedules and manage the league throughout the season.

  • EdmontonInfo - Android application entered into the Apps4Edmonton contest that provided users with quick access to city information.

  • Onlinelistings - Web application that allows for the easy creation of custom websites for realtors.

Minigroup inc

Developer 2010-2011

  • Remote contract

  • 1 of 2 developers working on the back-end server logic.

Zedi inc.

Web Developer 2008-2010

  • Worked on a joint project with Schlumberger to customize existing application to allow for a smooth transition from their previous well site monitoring tools.

  • Successfully completed a scalability project to allow the site to handle the increased user load.

  • Completed the SCADA project to provide a drag n' drop interface to allow users to monitor various on site sensors.

Alberta Education

System Analyst II 2005-2007

  • Created an application to allow students to apply for special requests online.

Alberta Education

Summer Student 2004 (4 months)

  • Developed in-house application to allow flagged exams with scan errors to be corrected online instead of manually.

  • Application increased the speed of the process greater than 10 times.



Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Computer System Technology Diploma (1/2002 - 12/2004)

  • Graduated with an average above 90%.

  • Received the Jason Lang Scholarship.

University of Alberta

BSc w/ specialization in chemistry (9/1994 - 1/2000)

  • Worked for 2 years in chemistry lab at fertilizer plant (Agrium).

  • One year internship at National Centre for Upgrading Technology (NCUT).

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