Helpful for running headless cucumber test using docker
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Hail Hydra!

Provides docker containers that can be used to run your web application cucumber tests.

rvm-base contains the script to build a generic image that has RVM and Firefox that will talk to a fake X display

webapp contains the script for building the test box. You need to clone or copy your source code to webapp/source (symlinking won't work).

the webapp container can be given /test or /start as commands (see and

In order to stop the container run docker ps to find the name (last column) of your image and then docker kill <name>

== How to ==

  1. Install Docker (instructions that link to that page if you need them
  2. Run the boot2docker app (should open terminal window)
  3. Clone this code from stash ssh://
  4. cd to where you cloned ris-containers
  5. ./
  6. ./