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smirk - simple blog management


Smirk will take some markdown files and html templates and generate something resembling a blog.


Smirk requires Perl and the Text::Markdown Perl module, on debian-derived systems this is called 'libtext-markdown-perl'.


Smirk is run from a directory containing 2 subdirectories

One called 'templates' which by default contains index.html and post.html

and another called 'content' where each markdown file is formatted as, each of these represents a post. These are converted to html and inserted into templates/post.html

NB: if smirk encounters a file in content/ where the date is 9999-99-99 smirk will still process this file but will not add it to the index; I use this to denote unfinished posts that I do not yet want to publish, thus the post can only be seen if you open it manually or know the complete url.

templates/index.html is populated with one entry in the list per post, sorted in reverse chronological order (newest first).

smirk will output an index.html to the current directory as well as a folder called 'posts' where the converted posts are kept (and linked to from index.html), you can deploy these to your web server for hosting.


I have smirk set up such that whenever I push an update via git smirk will regenerate my site.

I use gitolite for my git hosting (repos live in /home/git)

The git user (owner of /home/git) is in the www-data group so he can write to /var/www, and www-data is in the git group so he can read the files copied. NB: you can do this many different ways, as long as www-data (web server user/group) and git (gitolite user/group) can read/write to the same place.

root@segfault# cat /etc/passwd | grep git

root@segfault# cat /etc/group | grep git

I the have a post-update hook setup for the git repo hosting my site

root@segfault:/home/git/repositories/segfault.git/hooks# ls -la | grep post-update
lrwxrwxrwx 1 git git   44 Aug 14 20:05 post-update -> /home/git/.gitolite/hooks/common/post-update

# contents of /home/git/.gitolite/hooks/common/post-update
if [ "$GL_REPO" = "segfault" ]; then
        GIT_DIR=$DIR/.git git fetch
        GIT_DIR=$DIR/.git GIT_WORK_TREE=$DIR git reset --hard origin/master
        cd $DIR

        rm -rf /var/www/posts
        rm /var/www/index.html
        rm /var/www/segfault.css

        if [ -e index.html ]; then
            cp index.html /var/www/
        if [ -e segfault.css ]; then
            cp segfault.css /var/www/
        if [ -d posts ]; then
            cp -r posts/ /var/www/
        if [ -d resources ]; then
            cp -r resources /var/www

I also have a git checkout at /home/git/checkouts/segfault which is merely a clone of my repo.


Smirk is released under the MIT license, see LICENSE or for details.


Smirk was thrown together by Chris Hall