AVR Token Ring Protocol
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  • A real time network protocol based on serial data transmission over a UART.
  • A network bootloader for AVR ATmega microcontrollers based on the above protocol.
  • A GUI application serving as user interface to the bootloader.

Protocol implemented for

  • AVR ATmega microcontrollers
  • PC (Linux, Win32)

Network Topology

  • Every node of the network connects its Tx pin to the next node's Rx.
  • The last node's Tx is connected to the first node's Rx.
  • In that way the ring is formed.

Source Layout

  • AVR
    • TKN.asm Protocol implementation for AVR ATmega microcontrollers (AVR Assembly)
    • TKNBoot.asm Bootloader code (AVR Assembly)
    • Nodes Small independent sample programs (AVR Assembly)
  • PC
    • lib Protocol implementation for PC (C - Linux, Win32)
    • console Command line applications demonstrating the usage of the protocol (C - Linux, Win32)
    • gui Gui application offering a console interface to the network nodes as long as the capability to upload code to them via the Bootloader (C++, Qt - Linux, Win32)