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Automatic git checkins from your text editor saves.

autogit will automatically commit a version of a file to a local git repository everytime a change is saved in a text or code editor.

Why use autogit?

Some simple reasons:

  • simple insurance against accidental changes or deletions.
  • makes it easier to support smarter undo, backtracking, or exploratory programming.
  • resume a task or track a task by seeing changes at a fine-grain level as they happened.
  • light-weight, stays invisible until you need it.

Some deeper reasons:

  • Better Task Resumption: research suggests that resuming an interrupted task or reviewing a change made by another is made easier when changes can be reviewed in an time-ordered manner (in comparision to a flat commit).

  • Auto-blog: automark is a sister project that can examine a git repository and then automatically generate a markdown file, in a format suitable for publishing a blog post.

  • Personal Analytics: Watts Humphrey has advocated the idea of tracking personal activity for self-improvement, using methods such as the Personal Software Process. Using services, such as codealike or codeivate, you can track things like time spent editing, etc. Tracking the actual changes can take this analysis to another level.

  • Api Analytics: Frequent mistakes are made when programming or using particular apis. This can be analyzed: "You spent 3 hours figuring out how to correctly use pygit2.create_commit(), create github issue?"

Supported Editors

autogit is available as a set of plugins for the following editors:

  • Visual Studio

  • Sublime Text 2

Future editor support is planned. Pull requests or suggestions in issues are welcome!

Installing autogit

autogit is at an experimental stage.

Visual Studio

You can install autogit from the Visual Studio gallery:

Sublime Text 2

You can install autogit from the Package Control site:


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