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import sublime, sublime_plugin, os, codecs
import shutil
import sys, platform
from os.path import expanduser
# Paths
HOME = expanduser("~")
#PYGIT2_BASEDIR = '/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/'
PACKAGE_PATH = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
PYGIT2_BASEDIR = os.path.join(PACKAGE_PATH,'site-packages')
AUTOGIT_PATH = '/usr/local/autogit/'
# libgit2_path = os.getenv("LIBGIT2")
#if libgit2_path is None:
# if == 'nt':
# program_files = os.getenv("ProgramFiles")
# libgit2_path = '%s\libgit2' % program_files
# else:
# libgit2_path = '/usr/local'
# What version are we running?
WinOsVersion,_,_,_ = platform.win32_ver()
MacOsVersion,_,_ = platform.mac_ver()
if( WinOsVersion ):
APPDIR = os.getenv("APPDATA")
AUTOGIT_PATH = "%s/autogit/" % APPDIR
AUTOGIT_PATH = AUTOGIT_PATH.replace("\\","/")
elif( MacOsVersion ):
AUTOGIT_PATH = "%s/Library/Application Support/autogit/" % HOME
if( not os.path.isdir( AUTOGIT_PATH ) ):
print WinOsVersion, MacOsVersion, AUTOGIT_PATH
# Because sublime uses its own python env, set pygit path manually before loading module:
def fixPath():
for path in sys.path:
if path == PYGIT2_BASEDIR:
print sys.path
#import pygit2
from dulwich.repo import Repo
from dulwich.index import index_entry_from_stat, changes_from_tree
from dulwich.objects import Blob
from dulwich.diff_tree import tree_changes
class ExampleCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
def run(self, edit):
self.view.insert(edit, 0, "Hello, World!")
class GitRepository():
def init(self,path):
#pygit2.init_repository(path, False)
if( not os.path.isdir( path ) ):
def adjustPath(self, gitRoot, filePath):
drive, path = os.path.splitdrive(filePath)
if drive:
path = path.replace("\\","/")
if( path.startswith("/") ):
path = path[1:]
joined = os.path.join( gitRoot, path )
joined = joined.replace("\\","/")
return joined
def dulwichCommit(self, filePath, fullPath, kind):
git = Repo(AUTOGIT_PATH)
staged = map(str,[filePath])
git.stage( staged )
index = git.open_index()
committer = git._get_user_identity()
except ValueError:
committer = "autogit"
head = git.head()
except KeyError:
return git.do_commit( '%s - autogit commit (via dulwich)' % kind, committer=committer)
changes = list(tree_changes(git, index.commit(git.object_store), git['HEAD'].tree))
if changes and len(changes) > 0:
return git.do_commit( '%s - autogit commit (via dulwich)' % kind, committer=committer)
return None
def pygit2Commit(self, filePath, kind):
git = pygit2.Repository(GIT_REPOSITORY_PATH)
index = git.index
#oid = index[filePath]
for entry in index:
print "added %s %s to index" % (entry.path, entry.hex)
status = git.status()
except KeyError:
# If there is nothing different since last save, git status will report no difference.
HEAD = git.revparse_single('HEAD')
parents = [HEAD.hex]
except KeyError:
parents = []
commit = git.create_commit(
pygit2.Signature('autogit you', ''),
pygit2.Signature('autogit you', ''),
'%s - autogit commit' % kind,
return commit
class AutoGitEvent(sublime_plugin.EventListener):
# this will normally not result in a commit unless it was a first time saving file or file was externally modified.
def on_pre_save(self, view):
#body = view.substr(sublime.Region(0, view.size())).encode('utf-8')
#with open(path,'w') as f:
# f.write( body )
# f.close()
commit = self.handleCommit(view, "pre save")
if commit:
print "*******", view.file_name(), "pre save - commited"
def on_post_save(self, view):
#with, "r", "utf-8") as f:
# print
commit = self.handleCommit(view, "post save")
if commit:
print "*******", view.file_name(), "postsave - commited"
def handleCommit(self,view, kind):
repo = GitRepository()
path = repo.adjustPath( AUTOGIT_PATH, view.file_name() )
dir = os.path.dirname( path )
if( not os.path.isdir(dir) ):
## rel path is needed for commit
relPath = path.replace(AUTOGIT_PATH, "")
if( relPath.startswith("/") ):
relPath = relPath[1:]
#return repo.commit(relPath, kind)
return repo.dulwichCommit(relPath, path, kind)
### Create initial autogit repository if it doesn't exist
GIT_REPOSITORY_PATH = os.path.join( AUTOGIT_PATH, ".git" )
if( not os.path.isdir( GIT_REPOSITORY_PATH ) ):
repo = GitRepository()
print "##### created git repo: " + GIT_REPOSITORY_PATH