An implementation of the Update Monad and a 'Free' version from
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Update Monad

The update monad is a generalized (and pretty abstract) monad which can be specialized to implement any of Reader, Writer, or State! Check out this paper for a description.

This repo implements both the update monad transformer (UpdateT) and an experiment called FreeUpdateT which forgoes the traditional requirement of using a monoid as the 'action' of the update monad by substituting a free monoid (i.e. [action]). It also defers the choice of an act :: action -> state -> state function until the last second when the monad is run (rather than using a typeclass); this conveniently allows you to substitute out the act function for testing or alternate behaviour without needing to rewrite or transform the monadic values themselves. Nifty!

Yes; I know I could implement Update in terms of UpdateT Identity; but implementing them separately is clearer for people learning how it works.