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Generate fixture file from DataObject
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Generate a YAML fixture from DataObjects


This is in very, very early development stages (this is basically an ugly first draft). Please be aware that:

  • Namespaces might change
  • Classes might change

Use at your own risk.


// Instantiate a new Manifest.
$manifest = new Manifest();

// Fetch the DataObject that you wish to generate a fixture for.
/** @var Page $page */
$page = Page::get()->byID(1);

// Check for warnings?
if (count($manifest->getWarnings() > 0) {

// Do something with the fixture output.

// Or maybe save the output to a file?
$fixture = Director::baseFolder() . '/app/resources/fixture.yml';
file_put_contents($fixture, $manifest->outputFixture());

Excluding classes from export

There might be some classes (like Members?) that you don't want to include in your fixture. The manifest will check classes for the existence (and truth) of the config variable exclude_from_fixture_relationships.

You can set this in a yml file:

  exclude_from_fixture_relationships: 1

  exclude_from_fixture_relationships: 1

  exclude_from_fixture_relationships: 1

  exclude_from_fixture_relationships: 1

The above examples have been set in _config/model.yml. If you wish to override them, you can also do so by adding your own yml config "After" dataobjecttofixturemodel. EG:

Name: my_dataobjecttofixturemodel
After: dataobjecttofixturemodel
  exclude_from_fixture_relationships: 0

Supported relationships

  • has_one
  • has_many
  • many_many where a through relationship has been defined.

Unsupported relationships

  • many_many where no through relationship has been defined.

You should be using through.... Use through.

Fluent support

It is my intention to support Fluent and exporting Localised fields.

Current state does support this, but, again, this is still very early development, so you should be validating everything before you just go right ahead and assume it's perfect.

Future features

  • Add the option/ability to store binary files so that they can be restored with the fixture.
  • Move to using ArrayList instead of arrays (probably).
  • Let me know what else you'd like!
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