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Hexext is a plugin to improve the output of the hexrays decompiler through microcode manipulation.
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chrisps Re-enabled ye olde brute force mul64 boi, this time with a cap on ite…

Added a dope optimization. I forget which one it is. Its whichever one wasnt in the last one other than the mul guy.
Anyway dope optimization + the tempreg hoisting = moi bueno conditionals

Not well tested, pls enjoi interrs
Latest commit b04a107 Jul 11, 2019


Supports IDA 7.0 only currently. (32 and 64)

This glorious plugin uses a variety of trickz to manipulate the internal IR of the Hexrays decompiler with the aim of improving code generation.

Compiling this requires a compiler with at least C++17 support

right now documentation is very sparse I will be writing some up eventually

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