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PCon - PHP Console - is a console tool and abstract that you can use to help build your own PHP console tools.

Download Latest Version (1.5.4):

Why Create Console Tools in PHP?

Great question. Some people would say "Don't" - and depending on your situation, I might tell you the same. Here are some of the reasons I do reach for PHP:

  • It's the language I currently work with the most (so I can write quickly in it)
  • It's the language most of my teammates work with the most (so they can contribute easily)
  • It allows me to practice and build many re-usable techniques and methods in PHP for re-use in other projects
  • I and my team generally have it installed on our workstations already
  • Most systems I work with use the LAMP stack, so they typically have PHP available in the shell by default
  • It's good enough for most of my use-cases. If I need a compiling, fast, multi-platform, multi-threading language to build for wider distribution, I'll probably use Go.

Development Cookbook

See Wiki for information on building custom PCon tools.

Tools Built With PCon

Troubleshooting & Common Issues

Permission Error - Failed to write to config file

Review the permissions on the config file (path should be included in error message)

In certain cases, the config file is created and owned by the root user during installation.

The file must be owned, readable and writable by your user.

Example, in Unix-type environment:

sudo chown myuser:myuser ~/.config_folder/config.hjson
sudo chmod 644 ~/.config_folder/config.hjson

Windows - SSL Errors

Try downloading the latest CA bundle and pointing your PHP.ini to that (

Read more here:

WSL - Logname: No Login Name

In WSL, you may be warned:

logname: no login name

As a workaround (via therealkenc), run:

sudo touch /var/run/utmp
sudo login -f yourusername

After this, you may need to remove config files and/or re-install to be sure files are owned by the right user(s), and that correct paths are used.