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Linear regression movie rating predictor
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Movie Rating Prediction


In this repository, I attempt to build a linear regression predictor to predict movie ratings based on information about the movie. This is built on 2018 movie data from The Movie Database (TMDb), whose API I queried in making this project.


The dependencies are listed in the requirements.txt file.


The data from this project is from the TMDb API, which I queried in the loading-data.ipynb notebook. CSV files of the original and cleaned data are contained in the data folder.


There are a few notebooks in this project, all in the notebooks folder. The proper order for looking through them is listed below.

  1. loading-data.ipynb
  2. data-cleaning-eda.ipynb
  3. linear-regression-model.ipynb

By reading the notebooks in this order, you will be able to follow the project. I recommend looking through this project on Binder (link above) because some of the notebooks have IPython widgets that make understanding the thought process far easier.


Copies of all plots generated in this project are contained in the figures folder.

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