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Dicewars JS

Play my version here. My slightly improved AI are the pink, green and lime player.

This is a modification of the game Dice Wars from I have added the ability to have multiple types of AI so I could try to create my own AI for the game.


Once you have cloned the repository or downloaded the files, simply navigate to file:///Drive:/the/directory/you/cloned/it/to/index.html in any web browser on your computer (For instance, file:///C:/Users/USERNAME/Downloads/dicewarsjs/index.html).

Make Your Own AI

  1. Copy one of the existing ai files, such as ai_example.js, and name it ai_YourName.js. Change the file's function to also be named ai_YourName

  2. In index.html at line 39 where the other AI scripts are added, add a line for ai_YourName.js

  3. Go to line 42 of game.js where the array is defined. Change some of the items in the array to ai_YourName, which is the function in your AI's script. The first player is always the human player, so leave it as null.

  • The index of the array corresponds to the color of the player in the game. The human (first) player is always purple, the second index is always lime, then green, pink, orange, cyan, yellow, and red.
  • The order of play is shuffled in game, but the player colors always correspond to the order of
  • It may be useful to set your AI as the second player so you can play against it in a two player game
  1. Modify the function ai_YourName in ai_YourName.js. Look at existing ai such as ai_example or ai_defensive for techniques to analyze the game state.
  • The code and comments in ai_example.js give a basic outline for how to declare a move
  • To declare an attack, set game.area_from to the id of the attacking region and game.area_to to the defending region's id (do not return). Once you have no good moves left, end the player's turn by returning 0.
  • game.adat is the array of regions.
  • game.adat[i].arm is the id of the player who owns the region, and game.get_pn() returns the id of the player whose turn it is.
  • game.adat[i].dice is the number of dice the region has
  • game.adat[i].join[j] is true (1) when region i is adjacent to region j and false (0) otherwise.


If you make a cool new AI, let me know!

Potential Improvements

I plan to make a version of the game that just plays the AI against themselves quickly so you can get statstics on how well each AI performs.




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