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Opportunities for Fame

A chronicle various opportunities for fame alxjrvs has missed and seized.

Sorry I missed Your Party

seized 3 Jan 2012 Alex appears in Sorry I missed your Party.

A Challenger Approaches

missed 3 Sep 2009 Alex appears to have won a free book from Gary Vaynerchuk, but it's not Alex.

The World According to Twitter

seized 1 Sep 2009 Alex gets included in David Pogue's book, "The World According to Twitter."


seized 21 Feb 2009 Alex attends the hackathon, named after his meme, that spawns YawnLog, writing the blog and penning the original press release that propels the site to Lifehacker Japan fame.

Consumerist on Facebook's Terms of Service

missed 15 Feb 2009 Alex, while a writer for The Consumerist, passes to another writer a tip about Facebook's Terms of Service changes that ignite a major online controversy.

Syrup Battle Royale

missed 4 Feb 2009 Alex fails to duel rachelmercer and sethwoodworth in a syrup chugging competition.


seized 25 Jan 2009 Alex is depicted in a photograph.

Geek Tattoos

missed 1 Jan 2009 Alex's USB tattoo is not mentioned.