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WaBlog - a walking blog

Simple concept, may work out, may not. We will have to see.

Basically, posts are created before they are written. Footprints are created to show the thought process as the entry is written. Most of this will be automatic, though manual snapshots can be taken. A final snapshot is taken, moving the post into a published state and adding it to the main feed. All phases of writing are visible publicly, but there is a separate idea of 'completeness' for the sake of those with feedreaders or those who have no interest in what you have to say until you think it's ready for general consumption.

There is way too much self-editing on-the-fly being done, and it is reinforced by a number of things, but it is a far better writing paradigm(for me, at least) to write crap and clean it up several times. I also would like to have the ability to go back and look at my workspace and see what notes I had pasted, as I am certain I regularly forget where I was going with a particular point.

I am not particularly fond of the name Walking Blog, but I couldn't think of anything better. Suggestions welcome.

This was originally devised as a way for me to not feel bad about putting up some of my unfinished essays until I am done with them, but it might have a use for simple scripts, as well (sort of gist-y).