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DSL for Chatting Robots
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JabberJaw Makes It Easy To Build Chatbots.

Easy, You Say?

As easy as

class MyApp < JabberJaw::Application

  command :echo do

Jabber? I Thought We Were Calling It XMPP.

Oh, yeah. We are. But it's actually worse than that, because you can hook it up to multiple adapters with the same logic.

Currently, the following interfaces are supported:


And the following are planned:

  • XMPP
  • IRC
  • AIM
  • Twitter

What Else Can I Do?

While I have the benefit of building this application twice before, the syntax still isn't nailed down yet. That said, you can use RegExps to match messages

command /^send (.*) to (.*)$/ do |message, recipient|
  send message, to: recipient

or you can use strings. You can automatically split your messages.

# syntax for the command is `forward <recipient> <message>`
command :forward do |recipient, message|
  send message, to: recipient

There's a certain amount of sugar involved. If your block doesn't send a message and it returns a string, that gets automatically replied to the sender.

command /^[aA]m I awesome\?$/ do

Which is equivalent to

command /^[aA]m I awesome\?$/ do
  reply "Yes."

or (even more verbose).

command /^[aA]m I awesome\?$/ do
  send "Yes.", to: sender

There's a bunch more going in, and the code is likely to change rapidly until I hit a point where it has all the features I want.

There are a lot of them.

Why Version 3?

It's been done before. I've done it twice before, actually.

JabberJaw started as an internal library for a couple of guys who didn't know ruby when I was working at a hosting company. They decided they had to use Ruby because the XMPP library was so good. That was v1.0

A little later, I started writing a version that the hosting company didn't own, so I called that JabberJaw v2.0. While working on that, I decided that it should be possible to hook your bot to a number of services. I wasn't sure how to go about that, but I finished up 2.0 and used it for a personal project or two.

Now, I know how to hook it up to multiple adapters(I think), and it requires a complete rewrite, so I'm calling this 3.0. Hopefully that explains the version.


Copyright (c) 2010 chrisrhoden. See LICENSE for details.

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