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A Xamarin.Android library providing APIs to interact with iBeacons
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Xamarin Android iBeacon Service

A Xamarin.Android binding of the Radius Networks' Android iBeacon Service

This and the underpinned Radius Networks library are no longer being maintained.

Instead, use the AltBeacon Android Beacon Library which is built on the open and interoperable proximity beacon specification crafted by the Radius Networks team.


This software is available under the Apache License 2.0, allowing you to use the library in your applications.


  1. Clone this GitHub Repository
  2. Build the solution. (Generating a referable dll)
  3. Add the library as a reference to your Xamarin.Android application

Reference Application

Check out the Find The Monkey - Android reference application for examples of Monitoring and Ranging Beacons.

Questions? Have I Missed Something?

Log a new issue, or fork this repository, and submit a pull request

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