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Budget Pulse

  • Uploaded OFX statement correctly (although it wasn't immediately obvious how you should actually do this)
  • Editing transactions wasn't very friendly and would take too long to run through/edit a large number.


  • I tried the online demo. It's not particularly aesthetically pleasing so I'm going to pass.

Green Sherpa

  • In Beta - I've requested an invite

Love Money Tracker

  • It didn't allow me to use a pwdhash password.
  • It doesn't appear to allow me to enter manual bank accounts so I gave up.

Money dashboard

  • I couldn't view the login screen because I didn't have Silverlight installed. Didn't pursue it any further.

Money strands

  • It looks kinda nice but it doesn't actually seem to do anything. I imported a recent OFX file but couldn't work out how to actually view it.


  • Spent 30 seconds with it. Way too complicated.


  • Tried this on and off a couple of times.


  • It looks horrible
  • I got as far as logging in, searching for HSBC and then giving up. It's just bad.

Xero Personal

  • £24/year
  • I tried this for about 5 minutes. I quite like it, although it still doesn't feel quite right (whatever that means).
  • Uploaded OFX statement correctly.
  • The editing/categorisation of transactions is quite nice.
  • Doesn't allow you to write notes against transactions.
  • It might just be a little too complicated...?

Yodlee Moneycenter

  • I couldn't understand what it was supposed to do after about two minutes of playing (I managed to add a manual account but that was about it) so gave up.