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A digital imprint of myself on the web
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Static site for


  • Design System
    • Make site responsive
    • Figure out a JS/Provider way to do responsive base font-sizes and spacing with media-queries.
  • General site
    • Comments system (JAMStack/Github comments style)
    • Add footer, github link in nav
  • Hacks
    • Build PreviewHack or HackLayout component that supports fullscreen previews. Default to this layout to preview with an option to view documentation.
    • Work on design-system hack, or move that to sub pages
    • Timezone clocks
    • Quotes App (add, maintain, render quotes)
    • Pianogram
    • PGP / GPG Builder
    • Interview site
    • mdx-repl or mdx-fiddle
    • Github
      • Make a survey tool that is MDX-based (questions, responses, open-ended, saving responses, editing responses, loading responses, participation metadata, visualizing responses)
  • Web Tools
    • URL encoder/decoder
    • URL param values
    • Regex matcher (pass regex expression, highlight matches in string), GUI to build regex
    • formatter (prettier)
    • Mock data from config
  • Design
    • Wallpapers (CSS/SVG)
  • Design Tools
    • Resketch
    • 'powerpoint' Slides
  • Home
    • Set up PGP / GPG
  • Writing
    • Building the site with Gatsby, graphql, JAMStack
    • Netlify and JAMStack
    • Passions: Design/Eng tools
    • Details on monorepo and organization of packages.
    • Rethinking paradigm of web development. What data is static, what should be stored (private) and what is public that can be generated
    • It from Bit
    • A good system allows designers to code and engineers to design
    • Art of decluttering
    • Password managers
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