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Font-To-Width FTW

Font-To-Width if a small Javascript routine which fits text to the width of an element using multiple font styles of different widths.

© 2014–2015 Chris Lewis and Nick Sherman

Freely made available under the MIT license:


<div class="ftw">Text To Fit</div>
    new FontToWidth({
        fonts: [
            'Font Family Name String',
            { fontFamily: 'Complete CSS Spec', fontWeight: 'normal', fontStyle: 'italic' },
        elements: ".ftw, .css-selector-or-jQuery-object"


  • jQuery is required and must be present in the page before any FTW instances are created
  • Multiple FontToWidth instances can be created using different font lists and elements.
  • Elements can be anything that is display:block or inline-block
  • If no fonts are specified, behavior reverts to a simple scale-to-width system


All options are optional.

Name Default Description
fonts A list of font-family names or sets of CSS style parameters. If empty, existing fonts are scaled to fit
elements ".ftw, .font-to-width, .fonttowidth" A CSS selector or jQuery object specifying which elements should apply FTW
minLetterSpace -0.04 A very small, probably negative number indicating degree of allowed tightening
minFontSize 1.0 Allow scaling of font-size to this ratio of original
maxFontSize 1.0 Allow scaling of font-size to this ratio of original
preferredFit "tight" Whether to prefer "tight" or "loose" letterspacing
preferredSize "large" Whether to prefer "large" or "small" font-size


  • 2015-03-04

    • Added no-fonts scale-to-width behavior
  • 2015-02-28

    • Added ability to specify complete CSS spec for each font style
    • Added min/maxFontSize, preferredFit/Size options
    • Added demo.html for usage hints
    • Support hyphenated-type or camelCaseType options
    • Bugfixes and safer coding style
  • 2014-03-31 Initial release

    • Only option is 'min-letter-space'
    • Fitting errs on the side of tight spacing