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doxx How to Use the browse Command


$ doxx browse [query]


The browse command opens the doxx documentation, source code repository, and other project-related pages in your default web browser.


Enter a query term after the command. Browse queries can include any of the following:

Query Description
archive package archive file documentation
blog updates, tutorials on the doxx blog
browse browse command documentation
build build command documentation
changes doxx changelog
clean clean command documentation
docs documentation site home
key key file documentation
make make command documentation
pack pack command documentation
pr doxx Package Repository (Github)
pull pull command documentation
pullkey pullkey command documentation
search search command documentation
source doxx source code (Github repository)
syntax syntax documentation
template template file documentation
unpack unpack command documentation
updates application updates (Twitter)
whatis whatis command documentation

just blimpin doxx documentation is licensed under the CC-4.0-Attribution LicenseImprove this page