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doxx How to Use the make Command


$ doxx make [ key | project | template ]


The make command generates file stubs for key and template files, and a minimal directory structure with file stubs for a project archive.


The file or project is generated in the current working directory.

To make a key file stub, use the command:

Make a Key File

$ doxx make key

To make a template file stub, use the command:

Make a Template File

$ doxx make template

To make a project archive with template and key file stubs, use the command:

Make a Project Archive

$ doxx make project

The project file stubs write relative to the current working directory with the following file paths:

├── current working directory
	├── pkey.yaml
	├── project.yaml
	└── templates
	    └── stub.doxt

More Information

Project archive file specs are available in the project archive documentation.

Detailed information about key files is available in the key file documentation.

Template file structure and usage is explained in the template file documentation.

just blimpin doxx documentation is licensed under the CC-4.0-Attribution LicenseImprove this page