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doxx How to Use the pack Command


$ doxx pack <secondary command> [project archive path]


The pack command creates a compressed tar.gz project archive file by default. A zip archive file can be created with the optional zip secondary command.

Users can build projects from local (i.e. provide them with instructions to download the archive, see pull command documentation) or remote (i.e. provide them with the URL where they can access the archive by HTTP GET request) archive files that are created with this command.


To make a tar.gz archive file, include the path to the project directory as an argument to the pack command:

Make a tar.gz Project Archive

$ doxx pack [project archive path]

Maximum gzip compression (compression level 9) is used for these archives.

To make a zip archive file, include the path to the project directory as an argument to the pack zip command:

Make a zip Project Archive

$ doxx pack zip [project archive path]

zip archives are not compressed in order to provide an archive approach that is broadly supported across user systems. If you know that decompression library support will not be an issue for your project users, you can create a compressed zip archive with any other application and distribute it. doxx will unpack compressed zip archives on user systems that support this.

The pack command is for convenience. You can pack your tar.gz or zip archives with any application and doxx will unpack it when you use the pull or build command.

More Information and Related Commands

Project archive specifications are available in the project archive documentation.

The unpack command decompresses and unpacks tar.gz and zip archives. Details on usage are available in the unpack command documentation.

The pull command pulls remote tar.gz or zip archive files and unpacks them in the current working directory. Details on usage are available in the pull command documentation.

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