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doxx Acknowledgments

Software and Services

doxx is developed with the fantastic WingIDE editor by Wingware. A great big thanks to the Wingware team for the free open source developer license.

Many thanks to the Github crew for their incredibly helpful support during the design and development of the doxx Package Repository which is hosted on Github. Their commitment to open source software is top notch.

The documentation was built with Tom Christie's MkDocs, a static HTML software documentation site generator. It's easy to use and works great. If you'd like to give it a try, you can generate a new mkdocs documentation site scaffold from the Package Repository with doxx. The doxx scaffold is all tricked out with commonly used pages.

Pretty Things

^5 to the artists at Elegant Themes for the doxx application icon and images that are sprinkled throughout the documentation site + the Package Archive. They are from the Beautiful Flat Icons iconset and are licensed under the Gnu General Public License.

just blimpin doxx documentation is licensed under the CC-4.0-Attribution LicenseImprove this page