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doxx Syntax

Command Line Syntax

$ doxx [command] <option> <argument>

General Commands

browse : open doxx docs, source, and other project-related sites in your default browser (docs)

build : render string replacements in template files and build project (docs)

clean : remove doxx project files from a project directory (docs)

make : generate key, template, or project file stubs (docs)

pack : create a tar.gz or zip archive file for project distribution (docs)

pull : pull a project archive from a remote repository (docs)

unpack : unpack a tar.gz or zip project archive (docs)

Commands for the doxx Package Repository

pull : pull a project package from the doxx Package Repository (docs)

pullkey : pull the key file from a doxx Package Repository project (docs)

search : search the doxx Package Repository by keyword or project name (docs)

whatis : get descriptions of Package Repository packages by project name (docs)


--help | -h view application help
--usage view usage documentation
--version | -v view installed application version


Arguments are command-specific and, in some cases, are required. Detailed documentation for each command is available under the Commands dropdown at the top of the page or through the 'docs' links at the end of the command descriptions above.

just blimpin doxx documentation is licensed under the CC-4.0-Attribution LicenseImprove this page