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Code refactoring/cleanup release.

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New Command

glue goto <file query> : use the Sublime Text Goto Anything feature from the command line. Enter part of a filename or directory to match files in your project. Then enter search filters to jump to areas within the file. # followed by additional text performs a within file search. @ followed by additional text attempts to match symbols in files. : followed by a numeral jumps to a line number in the file. See the Sublime Text documentation for more details about the Goto Anything features.

Updated Command

cd : the idiom cd ~ was added that allows you to navigate to your platform dependent user home directory. Works on all platforms.

Bug Fix

○ Fixed an exception that was raised when you submit an empty command string. Thanks to Andy Dai for pull request #13 that addressed this issue.

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Updated Command:

glue browse : if you use a local file path as an argument (instead of a URL), Glue will open the file in your default browser. It's a quick and easy way to view project HTML documents in your browser. Here's an example for a project that contains a html directory:

$ glue browse html/index.html

URL still work with the glue browse command and will open your default browser at the requested URL.

New Commands:

glue finder [path] : reveal the current working directory (default) or optional [path] in the finder. Navigate to a different working directory with the cd command on all platforms. See the documentation for more information :: http://gluedocs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/navigation.html

glue localhost [port] : open your default browser to http://localhost:8000 by default or to http://localhost:[port] if you include a port argument like this:

$ glue localhost 5150

Bug Fixes:

○ Remove carriage returns from standard output returned to Glue. This eliminates the displayed CR characters that were showing up in the standard output from some applications.

@chrissimpkins chrissimpkins released this Apr 3, 2014 · 35 commits to master since this release

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  1. Fix for the default PATH setting on Mac OSX machines. It should now capture something that is much closer to your actual settings out of the gates than it did previously.

  2. Fix for missing executables when appropriate PATH is set by user (in Glue Settings - User). NPM was causing problems and this fix should address it.

  3. Glue is unbroken for Windows users (after being thorougly broken in the last patch), but I had to deactivate PATH handling on the Glue side for the Windows crew. Your command is passed directly to your shell as is without an attempt to modify it based upon any settings that you may have in the "glue_userpath" setting. This is in the queue. For the time being, I wanted you to have a functional version that you can use with the default PATH in your shell. You will need to use absolute filepaths (or a Glue extension) for any executable that is not contained in your PATH directories for now.

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  1. Glue now provides a default PATH string based upon assignment with the Python os.environ['PATH'] attribute. This should prevent Linux & Windows users from having to touch the settings file in order to get started with Glue. Mac OSX users may still need to modify their PATH setting in the Glue Settings - User JSON file. It's an issue on the Sublime Text side...sorry.

  2. Prefer zsh or bash? You can now set your default shell with the "glue_shellpath" setting in the Glue Settings - User JSON file. Use the filepath as the value in this JSON setting.

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The initial release of Glue