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A cross-platform, web browser-based Emmett HTML editor.
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Shugr HTML Editor

Shugr is a cross-platform, open source, web browser-based HTML editor that supports rapid development of HTML with the Emmett syntax.

The Emmett syntax is a magic wand for HTML (really!). Once you start using it, you won't turn back. Shugr makes it accessible from any web browser.


Detailed documentation is available at

Documentation Contents

Issue Reporting

Please report issues with this form on the GitHub repository. These issues are more efficiently handled if you leave a detailed description of the problem that you are having.

Contribute to Shugr

Contributions to the project are welcome. Please fork the develop branch, make your edits, and submit a pull request back to the main repository.


Feel free to contact me with questions that can be addressed in < 140 chars on Twitter @csimpkins

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