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What problem does this solve?

Allows you to embed source code, shell output, and various other features within a format agnostic document, some relation to

Project structure

A chapter file can reference one or more consecutive commits. / commit1
            / commit2
            / commit3 / commit4
            / commit5 / commit6
            / commit7

To modify a previuos chapter / fix a source code error, you would : git rebase, change the code, recompile and render - and that's it!

Diagram / demo illustratino:


Similar projects of potential interest

Supported tags / features:

{{ chapterHeader }} returns the text Chapter x where x is the chapter number.

{{ gitDiff path/to/ }} returns a git diff of file.

{{ file path/to/ }} returns the entire content of file.

{{ fileSection path/to/file.hs main }} like file but returns a section from a file (thanks to

{{ gitCommitOffset }} returns a special chapter's commit 'range'.

{{{{ shellOutput command goes here }}}} which would execute command goes here (in your shell) and output whatever is returned.

{{{ghci optionalSessionId
:t head

will run the code within a GHCi session and output the results (thanks to The optionalSessionId is a random string you can choose to 'persist' a GHCi process between tags.


  • Modifying old chapters requires doing a git rebase on that project - which may present some difficulty for the usual git collaberation (as you are basically rewriting git repo history). However changes can be shared by using additional git branches.
  • Not able to escape tags - so there may be issues if you use text tags like {{example}}.


stack install gitchapter:exe:gitchapter

How do I create a project that can be rendered?

Create a chapters directory in a git repository. Create a file with your relevant commits, where x is a 'chapter' number. You can then render a project by executing: gitchapter /path/to/project - this will generate a file from all the chapters.

Also using will allow you to generate HTML from markdown with a simple command like: pandoc --from markdown_strict+backtick_code_blocks -s -o compiled.html

Example 'GitChapter' projects:

Need help?

As this is a new project, if you hit any issues or need help setting anything up - please don't hesitate to post a Github issue! 😄